Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I am so excited to be a part of the little team here at Krazy Crafty Lady, and to help inspire and be inspired!
I am thrilled to be here and want to thank Christine for letting me be a part? :)

So lets get on with some crafts, should we?

This is my darling little girl, who happens to be in need of a stocking, or Santa 
just might not visit her this year :(

So with a little inspiration from Pinterest, I created this beauty :)

(Please excuse the picture quality. It turns out my camera came up missing, 
and the I-phone doesnt prove to be a replacement :)

And what is even better about this darling little stocking? If you come back tomorrow to visit, I'll have a super easy tutorial to go with it ;)

Thank you for stopping by and I am so excited to be here more often!


Monday, November 28, 2011



Do I even have followers anymore?? LOL My poor, neglected blog. Not sure about my fellow bloggers out there...but I have been stuck in a rut. I used to be super excited to post new things and to even make new things! Lately, and maybe its because the past few months have been busy with family and holiday activities...I just haven't felt very excited to blog. I needed some help getting excited about blogging again! Which is where my latest decision came in to play.

I'm adding my good friend Sarah Davis to the Krazy Crafty Lady team!!! YAY!! 

Sarah and her husband

She started her own craft blog: Be crafty, Be creative, Be cute a few months ago and we both have sort of taken a blogging hiatus. I got thinking that we could partner up...that way we can each motivate each other to post more! She always has the best ideas and makes the CUTEST things so I thought she would be a great contributer to this site. I couldn't be more excited to continue this journey on the world wide web with her! I know you will love her and all the fun stuff she has to offer. Not to mention she has the cutest two kids and she is always making fun things for them. And since our kiddos are similar in ages I will be stealing borrowing her ideas too :) 

WOOHOO!! Let the blogging madness journey begin! 


Saturday, October 8, 2011

My favorite Halloween printables

I am finishing up my Halloween shelves and I was looking for some cute printables. I came across so many cute ones that I had to share. These are such an easy way to decorate. Just print them off, pop them in a frame and voila! Here are my favorites:

From Mineofthemaking.blogspot.com

From Stay at Home Artist

from Two twenty one

from Two twenty one

From The Crafted Sparrow

From Graphics Fairy

From Eighteen 25
From Landee see Landee do

Now there are no excuses. Print one of these cute things off!

**Oh yeah and feel free to grab one of my featured buttons if one of these gems is yours!

Quality time

Doing some halloween crafting with my little buddy. Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A good day

My fabric arrived in the mail today! Any day a package shows up on my doorstep is considered a good day in my book! 

Polka dots, stripes and chevron fabric. Is there more to life?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A birthday gift for my momma!

Ever since I made my breadbox ribbon holder my Mom has wanted one. I found a really cute ribbon holder on Pinterest (of course, where else?) and decided to make it for her. It was made out of a crate and was the perfect amount of shabby chic-ness. Love it! Here is a picture of my inspiration:

If you know me OR my mom...you know we can NOT keep a secret. She basically knew everything I was doing for the project...every step of the way. Whoops. This was such a simple project and it turned out just as I hoped! All we did was find a crate (I found mine at Mary's Antiques in Boise) for about $7. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some knobs (for 50% off), and two dowels. My handy man husband got suckered into helping me (as usual).

This part was super easy, we just measured how far apart we wanted the dowels (I already knew my mom had 6" spools of ribbon that she was going to be hanging on these...so we made our measurments accordingly.) The tricky part was that the knobs I bought had to be screwed in...so Chris had to drill little holes into my dowels for the screws. I wanted the ribbon to be able to come off easy, but it turns out she will have to unscrew the knobs when she wants to add more or take one off. Oh well, not everything always goes as planned right? Here is the finished product...and only two months after her actual birthday. LOL Sorry Deb! At least its super cute!

Good news...my Mom loved it! And she also loved all the knobs I chose special for her. Success! Who said Pinterest was just a waste of time that no one ever actually made the projects they pinned? Not this girl...I'd like to chalk this one up to my 5th "Pinterest inspired" project! Not too shabby.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Online Fabric

Just made my first purchase buying fabric online. I am so excited for all of the prints I ordered! Most of it is all Amy Butler fabric...because I just love all of the designs and colors. Can't wait to get it so I can start sewing away! Plus they have a ton of options for chevron print...which I haven't found in any of the stores (checked Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's, Craft Warehouse...etc). In case you want to order some threads too...go to http://www.fabric.com/ . Oh, and you get free shipping when you spend $35 or more before October 3rd! Here is the first thing I'm going to make: (Of course I found it from Pinterest!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

My first Doll clothes

I found some really cute doll clothes tutorials on Pinterest and found some time to actually make this cute skirt:

(Click on the picture and it will take you to the tutorial.)

And here's how mine turned out:

Not bad for my first one eh? (Try to ignore the quick cell phone picture) The directions were really simple...if I can do this, you can do it. Seriously. Now she just needs a shirt! And I'm thinking about sewing one for Kinlee Jo as well. And maybe another one for this dolly's twin sister. When I find some extra time laying around...that is what I will be doing!

Oh yeah and by the way,

We  love Boise State
My friend Tara and I made our girlies some super cute little tee shirts to show our Bronco pride. They turned out so darling and were really quick since we used Tara's awesome silhouette to cut the fabric out. I will post a picture soon...and maybe can convince her to do a guest tutorial for them :) What do you say lady?

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Garage Sale SCORE!

This past Labor Day weekend we went to McCall, ID with two sick kiddos. We didn't get to do a whole lot since the kids weren't feeling well, but we did manage to squeeze a little bit of fun in. On Saturday my husband took our three year old for a four wheeler ride around the block to get him out of the house for a bit. They came home with a bag of goodies they found at a garage sale. Corbin had two new-to-him "horsies" that he wouldn't put down. Chris said "I picked out a couple of girl toys for Kinners, since we don't have very many for her to play with here at the cabin". Pretty sweet daddy, huh? There were a couple of scary looking barbies in there, some my little ponies and then a naked doll.  I picked up the doll and she was pretty cute...had brown hair and brown eyes. I looked at her tag and low and behold...she was an American Girl doll! I got all excited and asked Chris how much he paid for it. He said it was 5 bucks. WHOOT, WHOOT! Chris said he thought there was another one there with blonde hair. Of course I decided we had to go find out and get it! Sure enough, there she was with knotty hair...no clothes...looking a bit rough. I didn't care. I snatched her up and happily handed over the 5 dollars.

When we got home I had to look up the website so that Chris could see how much these dolls cost. He was clueless...as any guy would be...and this is when we figured out that they were in fact the "bitty twins", and that they cost $100 for the pair (plus a silly little book). SCORE! Here is a picture of the dolls we found if you were to buy them brand new:

Aren't they cute?

So after I played beauty parlor with the dolls and put their hair back into little ponies and wiped their faces and bodies down with soap and water they are like new! Now I just need to find them some clothes. Then I will wrap them up and give them to Kinlee Jo for Christmas :) If you have found any good tutorials for American Girl doll clothes let me know! And I will be sure to post pictures when I get some outfits made. I love when I find good things at garage sales. Have you found anything great lately?

Monday, August 8, 2011

Knock off Pottery Barn moss letters

I finally decided it was time to fix my shelves in the kitchen. They were looking pretty pathetic with a patriotic star hanging on my old window and a bunch of random things up there. So I went on a hunt for a couple fun year-round decorations to leave up. I love decorating for each new holiday coming up but lets face it...after the fourth of July there isn't much to decorate for until fall. And I am not ready for pumpkins yet. So here is what I have come up with so far:

I already had everything up here except for the moss letter and the flowers in the vase to the left...which has been sitting empty up there for a couple months now. Nice, huh? So I headed to hobby lobby and picked up this bunch of flowers (already arranged). They were $14.99 but were 50% off. I had seen Pottery Barn's moss letters in their magazine a few months back and the $79 price tag was a bit ridiculous. And since I am crafty like that I decided to make my own knock off. (And so have many others...) But here is how I made mine.
I picked up some sheet moss (made it a lot easier then buying loose moss...but probably not any cleaner) and a wooden letter. The moss was $7.99 but I used a 40% off coupon from my phone. Everyone knows that you can go to Hobbylobby.com on your phone and just pull up the coupon right there in line and then show the cashier the code, right? So easy and convenient. Plus, if you're like me you never have your coupons for the right place at the right time. Story of my life! Lastly, I grabbed a thin wooden letter "C" to cover. It was only a buck. So a moss letter for only $5 bucks! Not bad!

First I layed my letter on top of the moss:

Then I trimmed the moss to fit: (If I were smarter I would have layed the C down backwards...so that the front turned out prettier then the back. You'll see what I mean in a minute) You want it to overlap so that the moss covers both sides of the letter.

Then start hot gluing:

**Be careful not to burn yourself 1,000 times like I did during this process.

Getting there! A tip, if you have a curvy letter it makes it a lot easier to cut slits in the sheet moss before you try to cover it.

Almost done. This is where I was saying I should have done this backwards. Then the back would look like this...not the front! But if you were like me, you should have a bunch of little scraps that you trimmed off trying to make the moss fit better. Just hot glue and continue to fill in the gaps:

By this point you should be finished, or close to. (With a bit of a mess on your hands too...)

Since I knew I wanted to hang my letter I grabbed some twine that I had (from the dollar store) and hot glued it to the back of my letter.

Ta-Da! Super quick and easy new decoration.

This picture is crooked I know, but I didn't want my ugly light fixture hanging in front of it so I got a weird angle.

I think it turned out super cute and tied my shelves together. At least until the next holiday rolls around! How are you decorating right now? I would love to see...leave me a comment with your blog address and I will come check it out.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Design

I have had quite a few people contact me about my new blog design, so I thought I would revisit this subject! I do not know the first thing about graphic design. I don't even know how to put two sidebars on the blog. Almost everything you see here (the cute colors, the buttons, the tabs, the ways to contact me) were all the result of my super talented friend Jodie Hansen. PLEASE go check out her blog: thecountrygirlchronicles.blogspot.com


She is very easy to work with and I made her change things about a million times until it was exactly what I loved. (I kept thinking she would say "ugh, take it or leave it the way it is...I'm not changing this AGAIN" but she never did.) Jodie was happy to fix even the littlest of problems and always responds in a timely manner. I promise you won't be disappointed. She even does family blogs. So, if you or anyone you know would like a blog lift or just a more professional looking blog...GO CHECK HER OUT! Email her, it never hurts to ask.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! Can you believe it's already AUGUST? I can't! My little boy starts preschool in one month! Can't believe it. Enjoy your last few weeks of summer :)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I have a three year old?

I have a three year old. I HAVE A THREE YEAR OLD?! How is that possible?! My baby boy turned 3 on June 30th and we celebrated him with a Pirate themed birthday party! He and all his little friends loved it and had a blast. I ordered almost all the decorations from Oriental Trading but did  manage to make a birthday banner for Corbin. Here are some pictures of all the fun.

The Bounce house...big hit!
My Pirate banner

Brother & Sister

Pirate cake.

My pirate birthday boy
The Mateys :)

Pinata time!

This thing would NOT break. All the kids got to try at least twice...

He is his father's son...he got distracted with each present. Would have been good with just one I think!
I think my little Corbin boy had a pretty fun day. He was one tuckered out little guy on the way home...which is always a good indication of a true party animal!

I have totally been slacking on my crafting lately. I blame it on two excuses. First, we have been out of town quite a bit...I'm really enjoying all of this time with my family. And second, I am completely and udderly addicted to Pinterest. That site is going to be the death of me. I have totally spent more than a few nap times just pinning my little heart out. Oops! If you are a Pinner yourself, follow me! Just click on the button over on your right hand side. If you don't use Pinterest and want to, send me a message and I will invite you! I should have a few projects up my sleeves in the next couple weeks....so if anyone still reads this...get excited :D