Saturday, July 9, 2011

I have a three year old?

I have a three year old. I HAVE A THREE YEAR OLD?! How is that possible?! My baby boy turned 3 on June 30th and we celebrated him with a Pirate themed birthday party! He and all his little friends loved it and had a blast. I ordered almost all the decorations from Oriental Trading but did  manage to make a birthday banner for Corbin. Here are some pictures of all the fun.

The Bounce house...big hit!
My Pirate banner

Brother & Sister

Pirate cake.

My pirate birthday boy
The Mateys :)

Pinata time!

This thing would NOT break. All the kids got to try at least twice...

He is his father's son...he got distracted with each present. Would have been good with just one I think!
I think my little Corbin boy had a pretty fun day. He was one tuckered out little guy on the way home...which is always a good indication of a true party animal!

I have totally been slacking on my crafting lately. I blame it on two excuses. First, we have been out of town quite a bit...I'm really enjoying all of this time with my family. And second, I am completely and udderly addicted to Pinterest. That site is going to be the death of me. I have totally spent more than a few nap times just pinning my little heart out. Oops! If you are a Pinner yourself, follow me! Just click on the button over on your right hand side. If you don't use Pinterest and want to, send me a message and I will invite you! I should have a few projects up my sleeves in the next couple if anyone still reads this...get excited :D



  1. Wow...that party looks like it was a blast! I remember when my boys turned 3... just a bit of a warning... 3 can be a very 'challenging' year. So if you find yourself not getting a lot of crafty things done this coming year... don't worry. When they turn 4 things get back to normal. ;-)

  2. i can't believe it! I remember when I visited and he was just a few weeks old! I also thought 3 was hard and the first part of 4 :) Cute cake! And the party looks like a blast!

  3. How adorable!!! Looks like a very fun party!

  4. It definitely looks like a fun party! That cake is incredible.