Saturday, October 1, 2011

A birthday gift for my momma!

Ever since I made my breadbox ribbon holder my Mom has wanted one. I found a really cute ribbon holder on Pinterest (of course, where else?) and decided to make it for her. It was made out of a crate and was the perfect amount of shabby chic-ness. Love it! Here is a picture of my inspiration:

If you know me OR my know we can NOT keep a secret. She basically knew everything I was doing for the project...every step of the way. Whoops. This was such a simple project and it turned out just as I hoped! All we did was find a crate (I found mine at Mary's Antiques in Boise) for about $7. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some knobs (for 50% off), and two dowels. My handy man husband got suckered into helping me (as usual).

This part was super easy, we just measured how far apart we wanted the dowels (I already knew my mom had 6" spools of ribbon that she was going to be hanging on we made our measurments accordingly.) The tricky part was that the knobs I bought had to be screwed Chris had to drill little holes into my dowels for the screws. I wanted the ribbon to be able to come off easy, but it turns out she will have to unscrew the knobs when she wants to add more or take one off. Oh well, not everything always goes as planned right? Here is the finished product...and only two months after her actual birthday. LOL Sorry Deb! At least its super cute!

Good Mom loved it! And she also loved all the knobs I chose special for her. Success! Who said Pinterest was just a waste of time that no one ever actually made the projects they pinned? Not this girl...I'd like to chalk this one up to my 5th "Pinterest inspired" project! Not too shabby.



  1. Super super cute!!
    How funny... I just posted a "pinterest complete" project too.... but I have LOTS more to check off that list still ;)

  2. This is a fabulous storage idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love it! I definitely need more ribbon storage. I'll be on the look out for crate/bread box now!