Tuesday, March 1, 2011

St. Patty's Day Subway Art

I started decorating my St. Patrick's Day shelves...(also, the first time I have ever  decorated for St. Patty's!) The shelves are just such a good excuse for me to decorate for any holiday, I can't resist! And the subway art is probably going to be a ritual for each holiday to come. I'm sort of addicted, if you can't tell :) So far canvas has been my number one choice for this little project. I purchased a 2 pack of 11x14" canvases from Craft Warehouse for $6.94. That's only $3.50 each roughly and I even have one left over for Easter! (Which by the way I can't wait to decorate for. Have you seen Pier 1's amazing items this year? Go take a peek...I NEED that yellow tree :)

So, on to the good stuff. This is how we do it: (This is how we do it....does this remind anyone else of Ms. Doubtfire? I just picture Robin Williams dancing on the table to this song...)
I also snagged some green craft paint from C.W for only $.88! I used a sponge brush and applied one light coat to the canvas.
Then I used my Cricut and cut out some words (and not gonna lie, I had to do some re-arranging because some of the words were too long to go where i originally wanted them...which made it tedious...I never was a math major! lol)
Then added some easy little flowers made of lace and burlap and voilah! (The flowers are super easy...literally just tie a knot and then twist and turn it around until it's as big as you like. Oh and hot glue as you go. If anyone is interested in a picture-tutorial of it let me know, I'd be happy to give you one)

p.s. the only thing my shelves are missing are the wooden shamrock's that my good friend Tara @ fabuLESSly crafty so kindly cut out for me :) hint, hint TARA :)
Happy Saint Patricks Day!


  1. Very cute! I'm definitely read for St. Patty's Day and SPRING!

  2. this is very cute! thanks for linking up to our first blog party.

  3. ADORABLE!! I love your shelves!!

  4. christine! I love your subway art!!! and thank you for the sweet comment! love you! And I dont know if i've figured out how to link up...??? if you have time I would l-o-v-e your help ;)!! And I would be honored to do a guest post for you !!!! YAY! I am working on a spring craft now so I will let you know asap! LOVE!

  5. very cute! I love subway art too. Following you back! :)

  6. Hey I awarded you the stylish blogger award on my blog :)

  7. I like the touch of the little rosettes. I think that made it look a little different. Good job!

    Yanet of 3 SKBs

  8. Very cute ideas! I am giving away some free St. Patty's printables on my blog right now if you are interested!

  9. Love the display!


  10. looks great!


  11. Love this :) come on over and link up to MMM!

  12. hiya i came to your blog via home maker on a dime and omg i am hooked with all your tuts ! thanks for that x your patricks day canvas is soooo inspiring and will be def trying this and can i just add your shelves are adorable and like you say just begging to be decorated x
    maybe you will visit my cafty place , now you will have to be kind cause its only new and i an only getting the hang of it x