Thursday, February 3, 2011


I may or may not have developed an obsession for old windows. I'll let you decide for yourself :) And these shelves I copied from Shelley at House of Smiths.
The funny part is...I loved her Christmas shelves and decided I had to have them. So my handy man husband built me some all on his own. (He even painted them white for me) When he was finished I found out that she had a tutorial for her shelves(click here to see it)....lets just say he didn't want to hear that. But I love how they turned out anyway, and they are even more special that he made them.
 Here was my first window...put it on top of my Valentine's Day shelves (again, got this idea from Shelley first)
 This window is on the top shelf in my guest bathroom...
And this one on my desk above the computer. Ha....I love them, but maybe it is a little much?! What do you think?


  1. Ooo! Your shelves are SO PRETTY! :)
    I love them!
    You decorated them so cute for Christmas :)
    Thank you for sharing this project with me, and your fun decorations!

  2. Hey Christine! It's Jen from Scissors & Spatulas. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for leaving a comment about the nursery! Looks like you blog is off to a great start! BTW, I also am obsessed with House of Smiths and my hubby just built and hung the same shelves for me!!You asked if I could post a tutorial about the pillows, I can and I will, but I'm not sure when. I'll try to get to it soon and I'll let you know when I do!