Friday, January 20, 2012

Sprucing up an outfit

I was getting dressed this morning and went to put on a scarf. Lately I have a been a little obsessed with scarves and wear them almost daily. Our winter weather has been so awkward this year and it's not quite cold enough that you need a vests &sweaters &scarves it is! I've seen all these different ways to wear scarves on Pinterest (where else) and I decided to try the bow. I couldn't decide if it was cute or not, so I sent a picture mail to my sister [the lil fashionista of the fam] &she thought it was cute! So I thought I'd share and let you decide for yourself what you think. It's growing on me! 

And one more pic just because it's fun:

Super easy and fun way to spice up the ol' wardrobe. Happy Friday!

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