Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can you say HELLO change!?

Check out my new blog design!!!! (is that enough exclamation points to clue you in that I am a little excited? Cause I am!!)

I can't even begin to tell you how stoked I am about this!! My childhood friend Jodie from back in the day must have gotten tired of looking at my ugly previous layout and asked if I would want her to spruce it up. Are you kidding me?! My dreams came truef that day. haha. Of course I told her yes!! I am so thankful for all the time and effort she put into this new blog design...I truly love, love it. It is everything I imagined and more. So if you are wanting to spruce up your blog go check her out at The Country Girl Chronicles. She is so, so talented. I promise you won't be disappointed!

And as for my complete blogging hiatus...I will be back in action soon. We have had quite the complications trying to get our hard drive fixed. I am afraid it might even be broken for good. So, we are figuring out the next steps. I have still been getting my craft on though...and have some fun projects to share soon! (bed frame for my little guy, bread box turned ribbon holder, fun year-round wreath, and more!)

SO, tell me how you like my new design!! Do you love it? Don't forget to grab my *new* button!